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Pre-Install Checklist | Laminate

Laminate Flooring brings the best of both worlds together for customers who want the natural look of wood or stone with a minimal amount of maintenance. 


Please be aware of the following that may exist before and after installation. 



Floating Floor Deflection

Laminate is a floating floor. This means it “rests” on your existing sub-floor. There is no such thing as a perfectly flat floor. You will notice that the floor moves or “deflects” when walking on it. This may be more noticeable in some parts of the floor versus others. Your estimator will check to the best of their ability the levelness of your sub-floor. There are times some floor coverings such as carpet will hide sub-floor issues. lf we discover any issues upon removing your existing flooring the installer will bring it to your attention immediately. There may be an extra charge to repair or level your sub-floor. 



Laminate floors require transitions at all doorways, hallways, and sliders. Since laminate “floats” each manufacturer requires the floor to be “broken” when going from large areas into small openings, generally under 4 ft. wide. 



Laminate is a wood by-product. It will retain and give off moisture. Temperature, moisture and humidity all affect laminates. Ideally your home should always be between 65 and 75 degrees and 35% to 55% humidity. Changes in moisture around your home will affect your laminate floors. Crawl spaces, landscaping, clogged gutters, sprinklers etc … can all raise moisture levels in and around your home thus affecting the laminate. Everything listed above is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. 



Weber does not remove and reinstall pedestal sinks. It is recommended that if a toilet needs to be pulled and later reset that this be performed by a trained plumber. This is due to our experiences finding many of the toilets in need of maintenance or repair prior to installation. Weber will provide this service but since our flooring installers are not licensed plumbers- all leaks must be reported within 14 days after the toilets are reset for this service to be warranted.


Scratching And Dents

While laminate is very resilient it can still scratch and dent. Putting walk off mats by doors, keeping your floor swept, putting felt protectors on chairs and furniture will all help prevent scratches and dents. 


Walls, Baseboards/Ceiling Nail Pops

Our installers will use caution while in your home to prevent marking baseboards and walls; however some minor scratching and marking can occur during removal of your old flooring and installation of your laminate. Ceiling nail pops can occur while removing your old flooring. Weber Flooring/Joe’s Carpet Outlet is not responsible nor do we reimburse for minor scratches, marks and nail pops in ceilings. 



Please remove all personal items, clothing, toys, small furniture, breakables, remove china from hutch, empty bottoms of closets, remove linens from beds, remove drawers from dressers, disconnect and remove any electronics, computers, TV’s, and disconnect water and gas lines from appliances. We do not assemble or disassemble furniture – including beds. It is important to have this completed before the installer arrives at your home. We will remove doors and re-hang them as needed; however if they need to be cut the installer will leave them off so you can arrange to have them cut. We do not cut doors. Weber Flooring/Joe’s Carpet Outlet does not move delicate items such as grandfather clocks, pianos, large entertainment units, and pool tables. Please make arrangements in advance to have these items moved. Your HY AC system must be operational for us to install your floor. The temperature must remain at a minimum of65 degrees. 


Electrical/Alarm Wires And Pipes

Weber Flooring/Joe’s Carpet Outlet is not responsible for cut, pierced or broken electrical/alarm wires or pipes that are improperly placed/ran in walls, along baseboards, under floors and not in accordance with your local building code. 


You must be present when the installers arrive to review the job, confirm selections, colors, placement of decos/listellos and pay your balance. Weber Flooring/Joe’s Carpet Outlet is not responsible for any claims due to color, placement or overall appearance once the tile is installed. Please understand an extra service charge may apply for any extra work incurred due to unforeseen problems with your subfloor/walls or lack of proper preparation leading to extra time spent on your job by the installers.

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